When Rory Jones opened R. Jones Underground in 1995, he brought with him almost 30 years of experience in the field. Beginning in 1966, Rory worked with several pipeline companies as an oiler and on other equipment. Much of his work involved pipe-laying equipment. In 1973, Rory began working with T, J and L Construction Company. He served as a supervisor, running many projects, until he was promoted to vice president.

After becoming president of R. Jones Underground in 1995, Rory oversaw the company’s first project for Sunoco. With that first job, R. Jones Underground exceeded expectations by turning an eight-week project into a 30-day project. They have continued outstanding performance by continuing to utilize extensive experience and research to maximize efficiency.

R. Jones Underground has grown from a small, mom-and-pop contractor to an established pipeline company, having been bonded since opening and maintaining unlimited licensure. With major clients including Sunoco and Mid-Valley Pipeline, R. Jones continues to handle distribution work for utilities, working on 12-inch and smaller pipeline. Additionally, they have completed jobs with lines as large as 22 inches.

Case Studies

On one gas pipeline project for a municipality, R. Jones Underground was asked to take dual, high-pressure lines through a marsh. The client initially proposed an open-trench but R. Jones Underground suggested directional drilling to cross about 20,000 feet of river bottom and a river. The client accepted R. Jones Underground’s suggestion, and the project was completed early — before deadline. Also, there were many environmental concerns before the project began but R. Jones Underground completed the project with very limited environment exposure — and within budget.

Another project involved a crossing at the Loosahatchie River in Mississippi. R. Jones Underground drove pilings to stabilize erosion problems and worked on a space of four to 500 feet. They completed the project by placing RCP mat and sheeting.